Google Font App – merged details page, tried font size changing.

The font size changing does not really work well on website.

To change all the fonts proportionally we have to have to loop through each of the elements, and increase their size individually. For large pages, like wiki pages, this is really slow and causes a lag.

Even on smaller pages, increasing all the font size starts making the page look weird. A much better solution is just to zoom into the page. It keeps the spacing and positioning of the page items much better.

Once solution would be to apply a single font size to all element. That would be easy, a single just put a style tag with the * selector, and !important in the head. But then making all the fonts on the page the same size is kind of useless and not so elegant also.

So because changing the font size does not work very elegantly, and looks a bit scrappy and laggy when implemented, I will leave it out as a feature.

Now let me see if I can get the details page to show up within the font list, then no need to change pages for it.

Have got the details to show up within the font div when the user clicks on details, as oppose to creating a new page.

Need to:

  • Separate the embed fonts, and styles, so the user can click on embed, and styles, separately to get two different views.
  • Sometimes the detail fonts and not rendering in the correct fonts. Find out why.
  • Can increase size of font title on detail view.
  • Will be good for production once these things ready.

Also future features:

  • Have an undo button. Maybe if I build it with redux this will be possible as state changes are saved in a list
  • Have a page which shows which updated fonts are being used on each page. Sort of like a database view of all saved fonts.
  • Show which fonts pair well with the current font.

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