Background script added

12.30 pm : Fixed some bugs in the web font loading.

Loading the Lobster font seems to be giving errors. I have disabled that font for now.

Fixed the errors finally. Was loading the Lobster font as Lobster:400, which was givng errors on the font loader. So for all am now loading all regular variants as just the family name with no :400 attached. This seems to have fixed the issue. Also got rid of most of the Warnings

Lets add the favourites to a background scripts

6.45 pm Have added the background script so that the favourites are shared across all popups. Want to clean up the popup script a little now. To try and sort the render cycle so there is not a flash of the page before filtering. So that on open it renders the correct list straight away. It is especially slow for the favourites filter.

8.30 – cleaned up the script. It seems to be loading faster. ready for second version deploy.

Made the apply div show on all pages. Updated the styling a little.

Tomorrow need to get the details page to redisplay when the popup reopens if that was the last used screen.

Once I get that going, I can start building a scraper for the google fonts site to get the information that will allow people to filter the fonts based on slant, width, and thickness. And also to get the information for recommended pair fonts.

Once I get that, I can add those filters and data to the extension. Then it will be ready for final release.



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