Google Font App Styling and Updating the Keyword Finder parser and options

Spent half the day on the Goolge Extension. All functionality fixed and styling updated. I figured I need to set the colors on the theme instead of updating the colors on the components separately. Once I do this it will be ready for first release. Want to share with Dennis at that point so he can start building nice icons and banners for it.

Spent second hald of the say on the keyword extension. It is much better now. I improved the parser lots so it sticks less words together, and is not getting text from the html attributes as before. Also I put it to display words that appear only 3 times or more, to filter out buggy words that still get through. Have also set minimum length to two letters to filter out more buggy words.

Set the maximum results length to 40 words, to stop people pages freexing increase they are trying to highlight hundreds of keywords. The Mark.js can cause the page to freeze if it is trying to highlight hundreds of keywords on the page.

Have pushed it to google. Am happy to share it now. Will go over it once more in the morning, before sharing with a few people.


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