Google Font App – 700+ lines of code in 2 days

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 11.33.04 PM12:19 Added variant seleciton and updating

12:34 Is updating text when you click on the font

1:21 Added custom selectors so it only updates the fonts of the specified selectors.

1:56 Search Filter Working

2:13 Got page text to update with font weights and styles applied also

2:44 Added a reset button. Thought I would first have to log what fonts the page is using, then reapply those fonts to the whole page. But it is much simpler. I just have to undo the setting i applied. e.g.

$(‘body’).css(‘font-family’, ”)

5pm: Got generation of css and link text for embedding into webpage, so user can copy the text and embed into their webpage.

6.30pm: Got printing of embed styles, including to put the font-weight, and font-style. Was a little complex because some of the Fonts dont have a regular size, and so on initilaising when the styles select option is set to ‘all’ we need some iterating and conditional statements to get the proper font weight.

11pm: Got the favourites working. Can now set favourite fonts, and filter to see the favourite fonts.

11.30pm Created the extension version. Still has a few errors need to fix before it compiles as the extension.

Wrote about 700 lines of code in tw0 days


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