Keyword App Updates Ready

Updated the keyword app and it now has all the additional  functions that I wanted it to initially. Can add remove words to ignore, and set a limit on the keyword length. Added a sliding tab for where to show the ignore words.

Need to update the extension version, as I have been workingo on the web version mainly. The good thing is they now look the same. I should really have it so you are able to copy paste one to the other, but there are some differences between them like the Ajax call.

Anyway, need to update the extension version before I can push it to the web.

Have updated the extension version nearly completely. Still having trouble loading the bootstrap carousel library. I think it is becasue the folder structure is a little different so it cannot find the node modules from there. As such still need to implement the Ignore Words tab in the extension.

Ok have fixed all that now so the extension is actually fully working and ready for deploy. So over the weekend I basically got this whole thing working and now next week I can start working on the Google Font App!




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