Keyword App Updated

Found another good Font App called Font Playground. It has 12,000 users, and lots more options than the other ones. It seems to be aimed more at developers. Has inspired to put more options into my Keyword Finder, and take a bit more time before building the Font App. It will take a few weeks to get off the ground, and this Font Playground extensions has a lot of the features I had in mind, so mine would not be novel anymore. It would still be the best Font Extension once it was done though.

So will add the extra features I mentioned to the keyword app now. Skills will help for building the Font Extension better also. Will tidy up the code, and then add the extra feature I am talking about.

Working on keywords app all day. Added a checkbox to ignore common words. Added input to limit length of keywords.

Need to make a processor function that is called every time a change happens. So, say an input is checked, then a function is called which updates the inputs state, and then calls the processor function to run through all the states and update the keywords accordingly.

That is a good idea because then can have separate functions for updating the component state, and for updating the keywords display. And then if I ever want to add more function in the future it will be east. Just write a function for updating the state of the new option/input, write a function which updates the keywords display based on that input, and put that function in the processor function, and the processor function is called at the end of every update in state. Application will be much more scalable that way, and less tangly.

Have updated the app as above. Works much smoother now and is much more robust. The functions have been separated out. Anytime an input is changed a function is called which updated the state, and then calls the processing function which updates the keywords based on the current state of the application. So we have different functions for updating the state, and for updating the UI. It is much more cleaner and robust this way. Have the ignore words, and minimum length working as well.



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