Domain Names and Git

Spent morning trying to put an ‘ignore common words’ feature on the keyword finder app. But it is taking a while so will just leave it for now. I think it is good enough as an MVP. Also removed all results that are only one letter long.

Possible future upgrades for the extension include:

  • ‘ignore common words’ option for the users
  • ability to add or remove words from the ‘ignore’ list, including by having an X on the keywords tags so that users can remove those as keywords.
  • ability to choose length of words to filter by
  • find also key phrases (2 – 3 words long)

Purchased two domain names for my personal website, and for beatzblender. Had some issues pushing changes to beatsblender. That is because my git master head was the one working with the social logins. I forgot about that, and so I made some changes and pusehd it but is wasnt working.

Basically I had to revert to the last commit before I started working on the social logins. And then I was getting some issues saying I couldnt commit because the branches were on different heads, or something like that. I pushed with the force parameter and it seemed to work:

git push -f pro old-state:master


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