Production and future work

Updated all the styling on the personal website as suggested by Dennis. Made only one type of font. And changed a few other things.

Keywords Finder is now published in the Chrome Store. People can download it. Did some reading on SEO, since the Keyword Finder could also be useful in that area. I should add some meta tags to my site. Should also update the keywords on my site. They should be ‘freelance, web developer, website, dubai’

For the personal website need to:

  • Add metatags description
  • Update the keywords on the site.
  • Get a domain name and push the website there. Also get a domain for beats blender
  • Add google Analytics

Keyword Finder:

  • Remove results with only one word.
  • Add information for how the parser works.
  • Add google analytics

Once this is all done, can share all these projects, and start thinking about what to work on next. I should probably nail Node and Express, so that I can put a contact form on the personal website, and also to be able to build CRMs easily.

After that options include building something to use Redux, so I can get some experience with Redux, build a React Native app for the phone, or think of another interesting project to work on.

Had an idea for an extension that show the available Google Fonts, and lets you update your page with those fonts. There are a couple that currently exist, but I think I could build one that is better. Once that shows you what the actual font looks like in the popup, as well letting you choose the different styles that font is available in. Also to sort the fonts by popularity, or whatever other field is available. Also to allow to change headers and paragraphs separately. The most used one currently has 135,400 users. That is a lot of users.

The most used one currently has 135,400 users and is calledFont Changer with Google Web Fonts. That is a lot of users. Earliers review is May 2014, and last update is april 2014. So lets assume it was nuilt beginning 2014. That means it has been getting 135,000/3 = about 45,000 users per year or 123 users per day. That is a lot. So if I build one that is newer and better I could potentially be getting a lot of users per day. This is their github page.

And I could build one that is better than that. And I dont even think it would take that long. The next most popular one has about 25,000 users and is calledGoogle Font Previewer for Chrome. That is also quite a lot. It has reviews going back to August 2010, so it is a lot older, but has less users, which means people must have liked it less. This is their github page. Last update to the extension was May 2016.

In either case, both have recent reviews and downloads, which means this is an app people are currently searching for and downloading. It is active. That means if I build one that is bettter, I could take over a lot of those users. And can look at their reviews to get insight into what users are looking for.

I could have different sliding tabs in the popup window, to make more space for input options, because space is limited in chrome extensions.

I reckon I could build the whole thing in less than a week. Just need to connect with the google font API, and the rest is just checkboxes and inputs and layout. Updating fonts on webpage should be easy.

Could let users save their favourite fonts as well, and even save them for specific websites.



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