Freelance Web Development

Just sent out first offer to to build a simple static website. Did some web searching to see what other add agencies were charging for small/medium sized static sites. Lowest starting points were even as low as AED 1000, though more often around 2K – 3K AED. These are the lower end though and probably would not have been designed that well. Even their own websites were not nice. Price goes up 2k – 3K if the websites need a CMS. Found a more decent agency which said it charges 12K – 15K AED for small corporate static websites.

Read a couple of articles on the client interaction process for building websites, and how building responsive first  is the way to go.

Also read an article about deploying React apps to AWS. Basically they are saying the way to go is to use create-react-app, and then dump the contents of the build folder into any hosting site you would like to use, be it Amazon, Heroku, or something else.


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