Personal Website Finished!!

So have looked a bit more in detail about getting the contact form to work. Will need to have a node server setup, and then send the email data to the server via ajax, and the server will then send out the email.

That means I will have to setup an Express server. I have not done that before, so that will take a bit of time. I found a few good tutorials on setting up an Express server, which I will go through at a later date. For now I will focus on finishing and publishing the website. Can just put my email address there for people to contact.

Pretty much finished the website. Can share it with people now. Looks good, and I have animations on the landing page too.

Got some good ideas from these posts on building custom animations using vanilla css, as oppose to using libraries like Animate.css and Animate On Scroll. Can use keyframes to make objects move in a path around the page which is a pretty sweet idea.

Website is available here:

Need to share the website with people now to let them know I am developing and to get work. Also need to fix up the menu in mobile mode. Should center the text. Also add contact form.

Woo hoo!




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