Responsive displays and layout

Updated the layout of the website more. Fixed spacing and made it break down well for mobile displays.

Played with some of the animations, but it can get complex to have image animations that also scale well as the page changes size. Am thinking to just get a decent base website for now, and then I can start adding the fancy things once there is a good base.

There seems to be an issue with the Animate on Scroll library sometimes. Sometime if  for example you put a fade-left animation, it causes the window to get bigger when the animation has not come into view, so you can scroll right and left on the screen. That shouldn’t be happening. Maybe the bug is in the chrome inpector only. Need to check this on a actual mobile as well. Currently the bug is only happening in mobile view, but I did notice it a couple of times before happening on normal view as well.

Still need to get the logic of the contact form to work

To get the emails working I will need an express backend or something like that.


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View story at

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View story at


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