CSS updated more, and added Highlighting loader

4pm: Spent some time updating the checkboxes. It is not that simple. Followed the steps from this guide. They are now looking good and in theme with the rest of the extension. The look of the extension is pretty ready now.

Want to remove all results where the frequency is only 1. Because it does not make sense to show a keyword that appears only once.

5pm: Have removed all results where keyword frequency is 1. Also updated the input to show at maximum the total number of keywords available, including if that number is below 20. Since we have now limited the total number of keywords, since keywords with frequency 1 are not included, we had to update the logic on the input also to reflect that.

5:40pm: tried updating the parser to replace <br> tags with a ” ” because it is causing an issue on some pages. The <br> tag is being removed and then the words on either side of it are being joined as a single word which is giving errors.

Changed the options so that whether you click on the checkbox or its label, it will still toggle the checkbox.

6pm: Updated the fonts to a google fonts.

Need to get and Icon. Also need to show ‘highlighting…’ loading while highlighting is happening.

7:15pm: Put an a loading icon during highlighting. So when ‘Highlight All’ is checked, a loading icon appears until all the text in the article is actually highlighted. That is because for large text it takes a while for mark.js to highlight the words, so we are showing a loading icon to let the user know something is happening when they check the Highlight All.

For tomorrow:

  • Would be good to disable the checkboxes while the keywords are loading. Just disable them at start, and when keywords received, re enable them.
  • Also need to update the data stored on the content script. I think the max keywords needs to be stored there.
  • Also double check the numberKeywords Input. It seems a little buggy now. Will not go above 10.
  • Also try and tweak the parser a bit more

Then that should be everything done. I want it finished tomorrow and to upload it to the Chrome store.





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