First Redux App

Going through the official redux tutorial. Nearly finished it. Completed actions, reducers and store. Now bringing them all together via the container component.

Ok so finished the tutorial and got a but more familiar with the reducers, actions, action containers, and so forth. The tutorial doesn’t have full details of how to serve the application so was having issues rendering it in a browser.

The official redux tutorial builds a Todo App. There is a boilerplate on github on someone who integrates this React/Redux Todo App into a chrome extension. It seems that to get the browser and popup windows to communicate well, a Redux store is need in the React app. So to get the keyword app working as a react extension, I will have to configure it to use Redux stores.

Then again I could just spend a little more time trying to get deeper into the chrome extensions and see how to get communication going between the webpage, background page, and popup.



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