Styling updated!

This is where we are now.


Polished the word counter function, and added options to the highlighting method so that for example it highlights full works only, and would include words with punctuation at the end. Without the options, if for example we want to highligh the letter ‘the’, then the method would not highlight ‘the,’ if it appeared in the article. We have to tell it specifically what kinds of punctuation to ignore that are attached to the beginnings or ends of words.

The Article text component was a child of the Article links component before which was never right, because that made it hard to separate their layout in the DOM. So separated the two, and reverted back to using Routing in the application to load the different articles.

Fixed up the styling and layout of the page. Looks much better now.

Still want to add options to choose number of keywords to show, something that shows the number of times each word has popped up, and also need to deploy to heroku.


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