requests blocked!

The most basic version of the Scholar Search React App will have a search field to search for journals, and then a filter field also. The search will query the server which will use to return results for the search query.

Querying the server will be done via Ajax requests, however the React library does not have any inbuilt Ajax/networking functionality since it is a ‘View’ library, so we will need to use another library for this.

The search can be accessed through the projects python script using os.system (‘ –options’). This os.system runs the command as if it were running through the shell, and so we can get the results in our python script.

So basically after running the scholar script a few times, it no longer seems to giving out results. I looked at the ‘Issues’ posts on the github page, and as I suspected it seems that google blocks the requests after a certain number. It must think the requests are coming from some kind of a robot or crawler so is blocking them. Apparently there is a captcha which comes up after several requests, which the cannot get through so returns empty results.

As such it does not seem like the best stable script to use, unfortunately. Perhaps will revert to building a YouTube based app using React.


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