Scholar Search and ReactJS

Am planning to built a Single Page Application that can search google scholar, as well as customizing results.

Scraping google scholar will be easy thank to Christian Kreibich who has written a python library ( which returns results from google scholar based on the query variables such as title, author and date. Here is a sample command from and the output it returns (excerpt taken from the git repository)

$ -c 1 --author "albert einstein" --phrase "quantum theory"
         Title On the quantum theory of radiation
          Year 1917
     Citations 184
      Versions 3
    Cluster ID 17749203648027613321
      PDF link
Citations list,5&hl=en
 Versions list,5
       Excerpt The formal similarity between the chromatic distribution curve for thermal radiation [...]

The back end of the application will be built in flask and be used to query google scholar. The front end will be built in React.

This is my first application being built with React. To get started I built the skeleton for a Flask and React based application following a guide from Real Python.


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