Social Login working, databases and admin view setup

So made good progress on the site today.

Had some problems yesterday with the popup for the facebook and google social login not closing, and reloading the ‘redirect URL’ within the popup window. Realized the popup was not closing for the social logins because I was accessing the site on a httpdomain. Must have been a mistake to put it there, because the site is supposed to load on http:// only. When accessing via http it works fine, and the popup closes. That took me a couple to figure out, because I tried a series of other fixes before figuring out that was the issue.

The social login is done via Angular using a library called ‘Satellizer‘ by Sahat Yalkabov. It uses JWT tokems for the authentication, and can be used to access lots of different social sites.

Now the social login is working, I have also created a Model for the videos, and connected the add/remove video buttons to the back end also, so the database updates for each of the users. Using the infamous ‘Flask Megablog Tutorial‘ to help setup the models and ensure there is a link between the Users and Videos.

Initiated the Flask-Admin view also so it is easy to see/change the database, super important for this early stag of building. Also updated the code so that if you login via Google or Facebook, as long as you have the same email address in both, it will link the accounts, so you will get the same library whichever account you login.


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